The Kiaro!® is a premium, inkjet color label printer. With the Kiaro!, you never have to sacrifice your quality for speed.


The Kiaro! inkjet color label printer is the premier in-house label printing solution for short runs, with the industry leading combination of print speed and quality. This printer automatically performs periodic cleanings and completes print jobs without label splicing.

Designed to print labels for any application, the Kiaro! dye based printer fits into any size production facility and provides instant control over the labeling process.

With the Kiaro!, you have the ability to create custom-print private label packaging with our labeling software, better equip your facility to manufacture just-in-time, and gain control to reduce errors and delays. The Kiaro! color label printer is the elite solution for any business looking to improve their labels.

Perfect for: food & beverage, biomedical product, nutraceutical, hardware, e-liquid, personal care products, cosmetic, promotional products labeling and more.





  • Ink Type: Dye ink, (4) individual CMYK cartridges
  • Print Resolution: 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • Print Speed: 2 ips (50 mm/sec) – 8 ips (200 mm/sec)
  • Print Area: Width: 0.8″ (19 mm) – 4.2″ (105.9 mm); Length: 0.2″ (6 mm) – 30″ (762 mm)
  • Media Sensing: Gap, Reflective (black mark), Continuous
  • Connectivity: High-Speed USB 2.0; Gigabit Ethernet; RS-232 External Control Interface & Protocol
  • Software: Microsoft Windows® 10, 8, 7; Windows Server® 2012, 2008, 64/32-bit Drivers
    Custom QuickLabel® software (included) or NiceLabel® software (optional)


 Printing Supplies:

  • Ink Cartridges: Kiaro!® CMYK dye cartridges, 240 mL each (230 mL usable)
  • Maintenance Cartridge: 450 mL full replacement; 360 mL (80%) near full warning
  • Ink Type: High performance, water-based dye inks with extra wide color gamut that produce true-to-life color when combined with QuickLabel approved media


Media Dimensions:

  • Width: 1.0″ (25.4 mm) – 4.3″ (109 mm)
  • Length: 0.2″ (6 mm) – 30″ (762 mm)
  • Thickness: 5.7 mil (0.145 mm) – 10 mil (0.255 mm)
  • Roll Size: 7.9″ OD (200 mm), 3″ ID (76 mm) core
  • Types: Matte, semi-gloss, high gloss papers and synthetics as well as tag stocks and other specialty labels


Environmental & Physical:

  • Printer Operating: 59º F to 86º F (15º C to 30º C), 10% to 90% Relative Humidity (non-condensing)
  • Power Requirements: 100 – 240V, 50 – 600Hz, 1.5A/0.5A
  • Power Consumption: 4 amp (84 watts)
  • Dimensions: 15.2″ L x 22.4″ W x 15.5″ H (386 mm x 570 mm x 394 mm)
  • Weight: 52.9 lbs. (24 Kg) without supplies; 56.1 lbs. (26 Kg) with supplies; 68.2 lbs. (31 Kg) shipping
  • Optional Accessories: Automatic Label Roll Rewinder and Unwinder, Integral Automatic Label Cutter, External Control Interface


Cut Label Costs:

  • Eliminate costly inventory of pre-printed labels by digitally printing your own labels in short-run batches, as you need them. You control costs by printing only what you need.
  • Additional savings advantage with Economy Print Mode option, reducing the amount of ink used on each label, saving you 15-18% on the total cost of the printed label while printed labels continue to maintain the 1200 dpi resolution.


Quit Wasting Labels:

  • Prints on the first label out, without a wasteful blank “leader” before or after labels are printed and with no blank labels in between.


Quick Label Printing:

  • Unlike other inkjet color label printers, the Kiaro! prints color labels at speeds that keep up with production lines, up to 40 feet per minute (from 2 – 8 ips or 50 – 200 mm/s).
  • The Kiaro! also operates at the perfect speed for manually applying labels with the additional ability to print one label and tear it off.
  • Can be integrated and synchronized intelligently with other production systems, including label applicators, for an in-line color print and apply operation.


Color Label Printing:

  • The rich colors, 1200 dpi high resolution and tight registration of Kiaro! printed labels rival the print quality of flexographic label printing presses.
  • Digitally print labels that are picture-perfect without tweaking any artwork or buying printing plates. Request a printed sample label to see for yourself!


Quality Maintenance:

  • The Kiaro! handles common inkjet label printing artifacts through its slick “in job” cleaning procedure.
  • If a print artifact is produced, you simply pause the print job and click to enable the automatic cleaning process. The printer will clean and then resume printing superior quality labels. Other label printers require the user intervention to remove and waste labels in order to clean.

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