MP36R Research Systems

Biopac Research  MP36R Data Acquisition Systems 

     Biopac Research MP36R Data Acquisition Systems ชนิด 4 ช่องสัญญาณ ได้รวมเอาอุปกรณ์ต่างๆ โปรแกรมการทดลอง การวิเคราะห์ สำหรับใช้ในการวิจัย และการเรียนการสอนของการบัณทึกสัญญาณไฟฟ้าทางด้านสรีรวิทยา สามารถวัดค่าต่างๆดังนี้ ECG, EEG, EMG, EOG, EGG, HRV, Pulmonary Function FEV1,2,3, MVV, Airflow, Heart Sounds & Korotkoff Sounds, Nerve Conduction, Electro dermal Activity (GSR), Colorimetry Tools, Force & Pressure, Cardiac Output (via bioimpedance), Stroke Volume, Somatosensory & Visual Evoked Response, Angle of Movement, Acceleration, Pulse, Reaction Time,  Temperature, Stimulation & Response (Somatic Reflexes), Gas Analysis (O2&CO2) ect.... 


The MP36R Research System is a flexible, powerful tool for life science research and teaching. MP36R starter systems include an MP36R data acquisition unit, current AcqKnowledge 5 software, USB cable, power supply with US or Euro cord (based on delivery), and digital guides to get you started.



MP36R Data Acquisition Hardware

The four-channel MP36R Research System is a data acquisition system with built-in universal amplifiers that can record a wide range of physiological signals. Start with one of our Starter Systems, then add compatible SS#L Series Lead SetTransducersStimulation, and Gas Analysis hardware to match your research design.


AcqKnowledge Software

AcqKnowledge runs on Data acquisition and analysis for Windows OSWindows or Mac OS X

Online analysis settings, filters, and transformations provide real-time feedback, or you can choose from a wide variety of off-line analysis tools. Multiple display options are available during and after acquisition just click on an icon to flip between Chart, Scope, X/Y, Overlapped segments, Histogram, or FFT. The software also includes quality presentation capabilities.


ACQ Graph

  • AcqKnowledge 
  • Features & Enhancements
  • Linked acquisitions
  • Focus Areas
  • Data Integration
  • Noldus Observer XT import/export
  • SMI BeGaze import/export
  • Animal ECG Boundary Detection
  • Pressure-Volume Loop Analysis – additional lcense required


  • User Interface Enhancements
  • Tabbed graph interface
  • Textual Value Toolbar on Graph Window
  • Selection Palette Button and Enhancements
  • Window Size Preference
  • Configure Number of Horizontal Measurements
  • Remove Text Annotations from Single Channel
  • Journal Dock Location Option
  • Linked Selections
  • Autoscale single or multiple channels
  • Pin window to top
  • Presets for Rate, Measurements, and Expressions
  • Channel Specific Grids
  • Multi-Channel Simultaneous EEG Analysis
  • Find Cycle Improvements
  • Media Capture – high frame rate camera support
  • Consolidated Hardware Support – MP150, MP36R, B-Alert, BioHarness BT
  • B-Alert Wireless EEG Enhancements
  • ICG Analysis Improvements
  • Licensed feature systems or add-ons available for BIOPAC Basic Scripting, Actigraphy, Baroreflex Sensitivity Analysisi, Pressure-Volume Loop analysis, Network Data Transfer, and Remote Monitoring


AcqKnowledge data acquisition software with automated data scoring and analysis


  • AcqKnowledge software is included with each MP Research System; it can also be purchased separately.
  • AcqKnowledge software is licensed for a single user for use on one MP System.
  • To use multiple MP Systems, see our Site License Program.
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BP MP36R-WSW…....4 Channel Data acquisition and Analysis System for Window

BP MP36R-WS ……...4 Channel Data acquisition and Analysis System for Mac

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